Control media or media control?

The media is owned by a select few. These individuals hold such an exclusive status due to the audiences that participate in their media platforms.  Both owners and active audience members coexist, yet it would appear that the individuals who employ and assert control over major media companies have incredible influence over millions of people and largely and more concerning, societies and their structures. Do they “own” the media, or our minds?

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The media is an incredibly powerful and persuasive component of today. Thus those who hold significant shares or majority of ownership have a great role to play in operating information being delivered to the rest of the world. Due to the expanse of media coverage in today’s modern and technologically advance world, effectively, any audience member is subject to the rulings of media owners. Some might call it the shadow of subliminal messaging and propaganda, engaging the interest of an audience, through prosperous media flow and voiced but concealed opinions. The idea that propaganda and in turn, consumerism, are the constructs of media platforms spanning across billions of online users and individuals with access to technology is suggested. However, we as individuals ‘own’ our own opinions. They may be severely subject to influence of those controlling the media, but yet we remain responsible for how we interpret it. Don’t we?

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The media moguls or magnates responsible for creating wide spanning invisible and inanimate infrastructures such as Rupert Murdoch and Mark Zuckerberg inherently facilitate a satisfaction ideology. Embedded within media industries there is a phase of public enlightenment through the access to information. However audiences do not always distinguish between the knowledge to be attained through it. The vast extensions of Facebook and TV News networks are two examples which are creating a cultural divide between high and low (popular) culture as there is a certain acrobatics of interest.  From literature to statues, art to mass entertainment, individuals ( such as myself) fall into the traps of media platforms. Waking up and sleeping to the likes of likes and personal online profiles, even my own life is dominated by the apps on my phone.

We get ‘Zucker -punched’ with Facebook reaching the eyes of over 1.59 billion monthly users, and Rupert Murdoch’s “…media outlets – (and that means most newspapers in Australia) – give direct expression to his will” (Flanagan, M). It might not necessarily matter who ‘owns’ the media, but their intentions and thought processes will have serious implications. We as the users might not necessarily have the power over what we see, but we do have the ability to choose what to take in.


Flanagan, M, 2014, Rupert Murdoch’s attack on ‘our ABC’ like a mediaeval siege, The Age, viewed 3 April 2016, < >

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