Multitasking at its finest.

Google, the world wide web in general, YouTube, smartphones, iPhones, iPads… any Apple product really, Netflix, Amazon , the thermomixers of media and technology. Modern technologies and concepts such as (and not exclusively) these are bringing the world together and synthesizing the way we use media and our time. This, in general terms, is the […]

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Control media or media control?

The media is owned by a select few. These individuals hold such an exclusive status due to the audiences that participate in their media platforms.  Both owners and active audience members coexist, yet it would appear that the individuals who employ and assert control over major media companies have incredible influence over millions of people […]

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Seeing through smoke.

There are limitless interpretations in the world. We all read and understand texts differently. It is the way of the mind. A way, and mystery of being a different person to the next.  We all see something, the representation, the signifier. We all have a mental concept of the image or entity, the signified, or […]

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