Plus one.

I remember it was a couple of years ago now, that I was enjoying a small production screening of Australian short documentary films, made by young individuals studying the art. The vast, beautifully burnt orange floor of Australia stretched across the screen pulled by the direction of a steam train. Scenes of intricate hills and […]

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Not Lost in Translation.

It is an innately human characteristic to use, and be inspired by the work of others. It is a concept in the broadest of senses, that being, creativity. To illustrate my point, two highly creative and influential men, shared the same philosophy. Steve Job’s reflected irony on Pablo Picasso’s infamous “Good artists copy, great artists […]

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Music Resonates Resistance…

Music speaks to the soul. Thousands of years ago, Plato highlighted music as a moral law, that “it gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination” (Plato, Brainy Quotes), over time this concept has continued to exist. Throughout the history of our world, particularly during the “violent struggles against white […]

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The world is in our eyes and over our minds…

Is globalisation white with black stripes or black with white stripes? In today’s modern and ever advancing world, there comes the question of whether globalisation, as Michael O’shaughnessy illustrates, is uniting “diverse communities” and fostering “progress” or if it diminishes the rich uniqueness and tradition of culture (O’shaughnessy). What is considered worldwide interconnectedness or an […]

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Multitasking at its finest.

Google, the world wide web in general, YouTube, smartphones, iPhones, iPads… any Apple product really, Netflix, Amazon , the thermomixers of media and technology. Modern technologies and concepts such as (and not exclusively) these are bringing the world together and synthesizing the way we use media and our time. This, in general terms, is the […]

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